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MD Clean Rich

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<Vaginal care from medical sources>
With 5% lactic acid and plenty of 4g weakly acidic gel,
Thoroughly care for the delicate vagina.

Contents: 6 bottles Capacity: 4g / 1 bottle

    MD Clean Rich

    medical vaginal care

    Meditive is 5% lactic acid

    Easy to use

    Easy care without getting your hands dirty

    Just send a weakly acidic gel into the vagina with a special applicator.
    Easy care without getting your hands dirty

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    in a relaxed position

    Please lie down and use it in a relaxed position.
    *We recommend using it before going to bed.

    3 points

    Commitment to medical dissemination

    Plenty of 4g

    In order to deliver the weakly acidic gel to the entire vagina, the volume is 4g (approximately double that of conventional products).

    Contains 5%* lactic acid

    It is a gel that contains 5% lactic acid and is adjusted to be weakly acidic. While raising the acidity to ph4 compared to conventional products, it takes care not to affect the delicate vaginal environment with a unique manufacturing method. (*as a pH adjuster)

    Sold at medical institutions

    This is a delicate zone care item with a medical message that is sold at hospitals in Japan.


    whenever you feel like it

    When you are concerned about the smell

    When you are concerned about itching

    When dryness is a concern

    How to use

    Easy to use

    One of Meditiv's greatest features is the shape of its applicator.
    It can be smoothly introduced into the vagina, and the weakly acidic gel can be injected deep into the vagina.

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    after use

    The irrigation fluid slowly leaves the body through the vaginal opening.
    After use, please use a napkin to prevent your underwear from getting dirty with the cleaning solution.


    Applicator structure

    It is a large capacity type design with a smooth diameter.

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    Leak-proof design

    Even if the cap is crushed, the gel inside will not leak.
    It is designed so that even if the piston is pushed with the cap attached, it will not come off.

    Ergonomic design

    The elliptical structure that closely resembles the shape of the vagina enables smooth insertion without pressure.
    Streamlined design for ease of insertion and strength.

    Non-reusable structure

    A structure in which the rubber and piston are separated and the contents cannot be replenished (reuse/prevention of contamination).
    The rubber adjusts the pressure to prevent leakage when carrying.


    The vaginal environment is acidic.

    The delicate zone needs to be properly cared for with an understanding of the pH balance and self-cleaning action in the vagina.

    <Normal pH balance in the vagina and mechanism of self-cleaning action in the vagina>

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    What is pH balance?

    To keep your body healthy and active, and to keep your skin healthy,
    Maintaining the balance between acidity and alkalinity in blood and body fluids is called pH balance.
    Vaginal fluid usually has a pH value of 3.8 to 4.5, keeping it acidic.

    acidified by lactic acid

    This is because good bacteria called lactic acid bacteria in the vagina ferment glucose and change it to lactic acid.
    This lactic acid keeps the vagina acidic, preventing the invasion and propagation of general bacteria and keeping it clean.
    This is called vaginal self-cleaning .

    Product Details

    Product Summary

    ・Quantity: 6 ・Capacity: 4.0g/1

    ・For etiquette in the delicate zone ・When you don't know what care to take ・When you want to refresh ・When you are concerned

    Insert applicator while standing or lying relaxed.
    *The applicator is designed so that jelly does not come out unless the cap is removed, but be sure to remove the cap before use.

    ・Paraben-free ・Glycerin-free ・Contains sodium hyaluronate ・Weakly acidic ・Contains lactic acid

    Water, lactic acid, sodium citrate, sodium hyaluronate, hydroxyethyl cellulose, etc.

    ・Product name: Meditive Clean Rich

    ・Classification: Lubricating jelly

    ・Expiration date: 30 months

    ・Distributor: Hanamisui Co., Ltd.

    ・ Sales price: 2,970 yen (tax included)

    ・Category: Sanitary goods

    ・Country of manufacture: South Korea

    ・Manufacturer: CIT Co., Ltd.

    ・JAN code: 4582178205600